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Upcoming Gigs and News from KJ Denhert No Images? Click here ​ ​ K J Denhert Issue No. 22 / December 2014 Kind Folks, I am announcing some great shows with the band to close what has been an amazing year. I hope you like the new format of the newsletter. Hopefully it’s easy to […]


DESTINY, the current KJ Denhert album, has received three nominations by the 14th Annual Independent Music Awards (IMAs). Her song “Sorry” is in the “Best Blues Song” category, and “Beautiful” in the category of “Jazz with Vocals.” The album DESTINY is nominated in the category, BEST ADULT CONTEMPORARY ALBUM. A previous winner of 2 IMAs, […]

100 Women We Love

KJ Denhert´s bio describes her music as “difficult to classify but very easy to enjoy.” Sounds good to us. The artist, who crafts her own unique mix of urban folk and jazz, started playing guitar and writing music at 10. “I loved Sergio Mendes´ songs,” she remembers, “liked John Hartford on Glen Campbell´s show and […]

Find KJ’s links for Nominations in the 14th Annual IMAs here:

KJ Denhert Receives three IMA Nominations in three categories for her album, DESTINY (Please be so kind as to vote for KJ who is nominated in the 14th Annual Independent Music Awards) KJ Denhert has received three nominations by the 14th Annual Independent Music Awards (IMAs). 1) Her 10th album DESTINY is nominated in the […]

Selfies in The Kings Chamber

This year I made my third trip to Cairo. I have visited the Pyramids at Giza each time actually. This year I decided that I would climb the 203 steps to visit the Kings Chamber. I heard that it would be claustrophobic but I figured how much worse could it be that flying coach, or […]

Tour- Review English (Lynne Arriale, KJ Denhert, Grace Kelly)

Link to original article Kassel Germanyy March 10 2014 Translation from German to English provided by Manu Koch The article is titled ‘spring awakening’, the second paragraph says: ‘And on the second evening the three musicians convinced in the unfortunately not fully occupied hall. Those who omitted Tatort (popular German crime series) that Sunday […]

KJ Denhert Comes to Rehoboth

Do you remember how you felt the very first time that you heard artists like Joan Armatrading, Joni Mitchell, Laura Nero, and Rickie Lee Jones and how the music struck you with its sheer originality, in the complexity of songwriting, power and beauty of lyrics

Thoughts from the August Clown- post Umbria Jazz 2012

I have been waking up at all kinds of crazy hours after proclaiming that I never suffered from jet -lag. I’ve been getting into the Olympics loving the couch time after performing 19 shows in a ten days festival. I see it as my own personal summer olympics. August Clown You Tube  Video Day 9 […]