DESTINY, the current KJ Denhert album, has received three nominations by the 14th Annual Independent Music Awards (IMAs). Her song “Sorry” is in the “Best Blues Song” category, and “Beautiful” in the category of “Jazz with Vocals.” The album DESTINY is nominated in the category, BEST ADULT CONTEMPORARY ALBUM.

A previous winner of 2 IMAs, KJ has received 7 nominations through the years, and won—in 2012 —for the Social Action category with her reggae anthem, “Choose Your Weapon.” Her album, ANOTHER YEAR GONE BY won the Best Live Performance Album category in 2005.

songs for the album, tackling subjects like acceptance, intuition, love and integrity. Many of the songs were written on the tiny island in the French West indies, called Saint Barthélemy where she plays every winter.

KJ defines herself as an “urban folk and jazz” artist, often stepping outside of that box to explore other influences. Her songwriting stands out at every performance, along with her smoky rich alto vocals and stellar guitar playing. A lover of songwriting and story telling, KJ will move you to tears and laughter over and over all night. In the last 18 months KJ has performed in Italy, Egypt, St. Barth, Nepal, Turkey, Germany, Switzerland and Alaska. In the last 18 years she has held a residency in a New York City prohibition era jazz and blues bar called The 55 Bar with a band that doesn’t disappoint.

A self made woman, a self taught guitarist, KJ is thrilled to be invited to perform for this September’s WOMEN IN POWER retreat at the world famous Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY.

KJisaskingallofherfans tovoteintheVox Populi (the People’s Voice) competition before July 31, 2015. Voters will need to register at Login.aspx.

The Independent Music Awards is one of the music world’s most influential awards program for independent artists.

1. I Don’t Think So
2. Destiny
3. Try To Fly
4. Do You Love
5. So The Story Goes
6. Beautiful
7. Sorry
8. Interlude
9. Love Comes

Tumbling Down 10. Goodbye Sunny

11. I Don’t Think So
12. One Day
Media Contact: Anne Leighton

Other awards and honors include winning the JOHN LENNON SONGWRITING CONTEST in 2012 in the World Music Category and being named among’s top 5 female jazz vocalists in ’09. She was a winner at Kerville in ’06, and in ’05’s Mountain Stage New Song Contest. Just before the IMAs were announced, Arts Westchester (County, New York) named KJ as one of the 50 Artists to be honored at a “50 for 50” Awards event on April 17.

The liner notes for DESTINY open with a quote by 17th Century French fabulist Jean De La Fontaine, “A person often meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it.” KJ wrote nine new