Album No. 9 is officially released here in the US

I am really excited to tell everyone that Album No. 9 is officially released here in the US.
I can’t quite explain what this feels like – but it is a very good feeling. Let’s just say it took a few minor miracles and a sense of humor. The coincidence that it came out on Nov 9th is just unbelievable. The advertised album price is 9.99!! It’s Magic.

There is a new video press kit about the CD with a few interviews and photos with some of the musicians and co-producer Hal Winer.

Speaking of coincidences- I just received a newsletter from Jen Chapin .Since our first meeting back in 1997 I have been inspired by her work.  I saw Jen playing with a trio in a little candle-lit cafe called Sine . I loved what I saw so much that I went right  out to see her again at the CBGB annex. Jen had a different bass player the second time I saw her perform and his name was Mamadou Ba, and the rest is history.  Mamadou has performed with me regularly since then. One night in ’97 Jen made a list of bass players for me I actually saved the page- she wrote ‘gorgeous groove’ next to Mamadou’s name, the next name was Stephan Crump! 

Today Jen is married to Stephan, and they are performing for the first time at The Falcon in  Marlboro NY on Friday Nov 12th.  I’m going going to the show because I love Jen and this venue, there is really excellent  world class music going on there every week, and I know that Jen will deliver more magic.

Jen writes and records music, helps the hungry, volunteers at voting polls and gets gigs for her friends bands- she is in the middle of recording her next album and I’d love to support her tireless work by sharing this link with you Help Jen Chapin record her next album

I’ll be back with my band at  the Falcon next April 1. Jen will be coming to Ossining in December to perform at the library here in Ossining, doing a fund raiser in my home town.

Speaking of Ossining, have any of you gotten hooked on Mad Men the TV series? The main character is from Ossining and that’s why everybody was telling me about it.I think it’s the best writing I have seen. I just completed three seasons and am completely hooked. The time period chronicles  so precisely, my first memories of the world, New York City, ticker tape parades and the sixties. I’ve been reliving memories of the Cuban Missile Crisis when my family fled to Grenada.  

My album has a fair amount to do with the sixties and the music I loved  as a little girl.Watching Mad Men helped me to understand a little better why the eclectic song selection is such a reflection of my earliest impressions of life. There is a wonderful review of Album No. 9 that really made me feel like  the writer, Mark Saleski understood what I was hearing, even down to my tips of the hat for example to Steeley Dan. – Truly grateful to see that.

Check out the Review Here.

Check out the first single from Album No. 9 Help

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