At My Feet I Have This Pedal Board

At my feet I have this pedal board. I am trying some new cables and I have opened up some real estate so that I can fully access the contours of a new ‘Cry Baby From hell’ Wah Wah Pedal. I think I’ve got a handle on this devil. I’m excited to try it tonight at the show in Armonk, that is to say I sure hope I’ll stomp in the right places in Armonk! (Big thanks to Hal Winer and Daryl Bornstein for helping me with this!)

Joining the band for his second appearance on keys, is the dynamic Adam Klipple, he thrilled us all at the 55 and is signed on for a number of shows this fall. He’s just a great musician and I’m sorry that I can’t watch him on more than just the solos where I’ll back up and enjoy the show too.

Saxophonist Charlie and Roseann Lagond  have a music school right here in Westchester and tonight is the annual Charlie Lagond and Friends concert presented by the Friends of The North Castle Public Library– Here’s a clip from last years event with Charlie on sax and yes, drummer Omar Hakim supporting!

This year we are the friends – I’m really happy. Why, I even touched up my pedal board and Daryl offered to send me a photo. So here’s a view you wont get from the audience, a little piece of my world- a place where I can animate and intimate change with the tap of my toe.

Charlie and I will be opening the show with a song. From there, we’ll welcome my friends, my family,  Mamadou Ba-bass, Aaron Heick-sax, Ray Levier -drums and  guest star Adam Klipple-keys, for an early autumn evening of music with one intermission. Admission is free and it is the only scheduled full band appearance in Westchester. It sounds so civilized doesn’t it? why, you can even bring the children!

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