Learning to Want What I Have

The morning of the Clearwater Festival

These two illustrations have ridden in my guitar case for maybe three years, They were drawn by a young man working as a dishwasher that season at a favorite restaurant of mine called the Wall House in St. Barth.

I knew I should have taken them out of my case, but I love seeing them there at each show- a little reminder of what I have.

I don’t remember the artist’s name. My favorite new expression is my “memory card is full” (said to me by Chris Shott, Denver Co May 28, 2011) Bilfra @xxxx.com is written on the back of these wonderful doodles.

The good news is that I still love to play and think that it was a lucky choice this music thing, because while the career tennis players and Olympians (ie. alternate careers I bypassed) are slowing down, my career ambles along offering new heights now and then plus enough challenges to give me something to talk about.

Ever since I left my day job at Dannon I figured that my life would be something like this. So what’s “this” really like. Have I become the clerk, glued to my computer as predicted? In many was yes, I have.

On my ride home from my last day as a full time employee, I heard the lead-in to a human-interest story on 1010 Wins, New York’s all news, all the time, traffic and weather station. It said something like this ‘ ever since I opened a fishing store I never have time to fish anymore’

My summer schedule is shaping up. I am playing some new venues, will do some travel and still have time to spend with my friends in between. I just picked up these cards last night, the vendor stayed late waiting for me. The Aug 6th date is listed as Aug 7 on the card- my FAULT!!

Sat June 18 Clearwater Revival Croton NY
Fri June 24 12 Grapes Peekskill NY
Sat June 25  55 Bar NYC
Sat July 7 Underground Wonderbar Chicago IL
Fri July 8 Club La Salle South Bend IL
Sat July 9 Private Event South Bend IL
Mon July 18  Woodsongs Radio Hour Lexington KY
Sat July 23 55 Bar NYC
Fri July 29 Bellayre Music Fest High Mount NY
Sat July 30 Rams Head  Annapolis  MD
Sat Aug 6 55 Bar NYC
Tues Aug 9 Cape Cod Jazz Chatham MA
Complete details at  the website
 Dates are subject to change so call in advance
Probably with all of the talk of the world ending last month, I got to thinking about what I would want to say or do. Even just hypothetically, it served me. I have been purposely instructing myself to practice wanting what I have.  

I have some new video and a piece from the archives.

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