New York, There is No Place Like Home

New York, there is no place like home.  Johnny B and I caught Christelle’s 7:30pm show at Zinc bar. Lovely show!  Singer-Songwriter, Ansel Matthews, was working the door and assisting in the sound check at Zinc. I remember him working at the Bitter End and the round sound of his nylon string guitar and warm vocals. Was that really the 90’s when we met?  Christelle Durandy’s show was packed. She sang in French, rhetorically posing the question, when I lived in France, why didn’t I sing in French?  Nivea purveyor of all things musical and happening was there! Saw the lovely Sofia Rei, met bassist Mimi Jones, and heard Nicki Denner on keys(that’s a lot of talent right there). 9pm—Malika Zarracame walking down the street as we were heading to Arturro’s on Houston. Malika, fighting a cold and coughing , was still beaming. She had just finished her recording, right there on W 3rd. Richard Bona was strolling up Thompson St. I called out “Hey M’sr. Bona”- but I doubt he heard- he looked content. I was content -people I know and respect came along in every direction. At Arturro’s  (great pizza and jazz trio), I sat in before I realized the place was crawling with Jazz Singers. I met some great singers and heard some great music. Pat O’Leary  on bass, Ray Gallon on keys and drummer, Dan, who shared a drag of his last cigarette with me- were truly swinging.  The best thing about NY is I may have some big hair but I’ll never get a big head. The streets are crawling with the  talented and the passionate!

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