Shows DEC 18 19 20 New Years- Umbria Jazz Italy

Upcoming Gigs and News from KJ Denhert No Images? Click here ​ ​ K J Denhert Issue No. 22 / December 2014 Kind Folks, I am announcing some great shows with the band to close what has been an amazing year. I hope you like the new format of the newsletter. Hopefully it’s easy to […]

Selfies in The Kings Chamber

This year I made my third trip to Cairo. I have visited the Pyramids at Giza each time actually. This year I decided that I would climb the 203 steps to visit the Kings Chamber. I heard that it would be claustrophobic but I figured how much worse could it be that flying coach, or […]

Thoughts from the August Clown- post Umbria Jazz 2012

I have been waking up at all kinds of crazy hours after proclaiming that I never suffered from jet -lag. I’ve been getting into the Olympics loving the couch time after performing 19 shows in a ten days festival. I see it as my own personal summer olympics. August Clown You Tube  Video Day 9 […]

Tribeca PAC Program Notes: The Band & Guests March 16th 2012

On March 16th I am celebrating a 15 Year Anniversary with my band, the New York Unit.  I’ve got a brand new EP called Destiny  that should arrive in time for the special  Spotlight Concert at Tribeca PAC. The concert will musically  take a look back at some of the songs and people who have […]

Happiness & Thanks New Music and Remembrance

I certainly have a lot to be thankful for- the new website is here and ready for a test drive! Huge thanks and praise to Janice Bond and Liqui-Site Designs for making this happen, and happen on schedule!! Also arriving today is a very cool video update from Emmy award winning editor Rob Weir from […]

At My Feet I Have This Pedal Board

At my feet I have this pedal board. I am trying some new cables and I have opened up some real estate so that I can fully access the contours of a new ‘Cry Baby From hell’ Wah Wah Pedal. I think I’ve got a handle on this devil. I’m excited to try it tonight […]

Learning to Want What I Have

The morning of the Clearwater Festival These two illustrations have ridden in my guitar case for maybe three years, They were drawn by a young man working as a dishwasher that season at a favorite restaurant of mine called the Wall House in St. Barth. I knew I should have taken them out of my […]

Remembering Stanley  “…that’s not a gig?” 

In late 1979 I joined a group of four women who started a band called Fire and Stanley Flato was our manager. He was kind and spoke with an unfamiliar accent that I learned was Polish. He was not a tall man or particularly fetching, but I sensed an air of someone who had arrived […]

Album No. 9 is officially released here in the US


I am really excited to tell everyone that Album No. 9 is officially released here in the US. I can’t quite explain what this feels like – but it is a very good feeling. Let’s just say it took a few minor miracles and a sense of humor. The coincidence that it came out on Nov 9th is just unbelievable. The advertised […]

New York, There is No Place Like Home

New York, there is no place like home.  Johnny B and I caught Christelle’s 7:30pm show at Zinc bar. Lovely show!  Singer-Songwriter, Ansel Matthews, was working the door and assisting in the sound check at Zinc. I remember him working at the Bitter End and the round sound of his nylon string guitar and warm […]